Best Pet

My other pet is called Norris. He is a grey rabbit and has straight ears. Norris is very chubby and very cheeky and is the best pet! He is the cutest thing you will ever see! He is always hungry but always full of energy. He loves being petted on the head and behind the ear the most. But Norris does not like being picked up as it is very uncomfortable for him. He loves doing the zombie outside whenever he is happy. Norris is 3-4 years old and is very big, almost the size of our dog!

My other pet rabbit is called Jade and is black with brown eyes and floppy ears. She LOVES being cuddled and doesn’t mind being picked up. She is a bit older than Norris and is 4 years old. Jade is the rabbit that digs the most and once she dug under their cage!