I think Aura is The Best Pet Because…

I think Aura is the best pet because she is very energetic, loves visitors and has a great time playing with me! Her fur is really soft, her ears are like cotton balls and her tail is really long and all messed up. Aura spends most of her time outside and comes into the laundry at night. When we come out to sweep the pavement, Aura starts to chew on the broom. She even knows when to jump on people. When you say up and pat your thighs she will jump up on you.

Aura is about 1 and a half years old and pretty much recently had puppies which was amazing. Doing the dirty work for them is the hard part (no one likes picking up their dirty business). But she also likes to run around in open spaces. I LOVE MY DOG!

By D. E. Lightful