My Best Pet: Taylor

Taylor is a GOLDEN BULL MASTIFF. Her bark is very scary to some people but when you step inside, she turns into a big old softy. Her son Cobey’s bark is much more scary than hers and when he sleeps his tooth or tongue sticks out and he always steals the food. If you call your dog a buff head, Cobey is what you call a buff head. But Taylor has gotten in trouble a couple of times because she got to the chooks and sheep. But that does not stop me from loving her. Out of all of my pets she is the best so far.

My Favourite Pet: Ouso

Ouso Is a female tortoise shell cat. She is very skittish. She has a very bad history with people but to be honest, she is the best cat ever. A tortoise shell cat is one of the only cats that males are very rare. There are some other cat breeds that also the male are very rare, but that just makes them special in a very unique way.

The reason that she is very skittish is because she has a very bad history with people. 

How we got her:

 It goes like this. One day, a little kitten showed up at the door and her old owners had not feed her well. At that point of time my Mum had not liked cats so she left the cat at the end of the street. The next day it came back and the kitten did it for a long time. Then one night my Dad came home from his shift and the kitten came back that night and my Dad was so surprised, he thought about taking the kitten to the end of the of the street and leaving it there. But instead of taking the kitten to the end of the street, he brought it inside and gave it some milk. My Mum got really mad at my Dad. 

At that point of time, we had two really big dogs and my mum thought that the dogs would kill the kitten but instead the dogs were afraid of the kitten. 

Two weeks later, the owners of the kitten came to the house and took the kitten. My Mum and Dad never saw the kitten until they were packing to move and then the kitten showed up again and we took her with us as well as a another cat, but that is another story. Then my Dad named her Ouso which means cool dude and she has been the best cat I have ever met.

If you are looking for a pet cat, I highly recommend a tortoise shell cat. Thank you for reading about the cutest pet.

Echo is a Neverland dwarf rabbit. He has short stubby ears. He is very fast and very curious. When we got him, we would shut the box and then we would open the box and say, "ECHO!" He would go in his box.

By A. Lizardo