Pippa Is Absolutely The Best Pet In The Whole World!

I think that Pip is the best pet because she loves to play with others and she has never bitten anyone. She is super energetic she is also so amazing she even taught herself how to ride a skateboard because one day I accidentally left my skateboard outside. After a while she decided to hop on the skateboard then it suddenly started to roll and Pip rolled with it. So that is how she learnt to ride a skateboard.

Pippa’s personality is funny, talented and she loves the beach, dam and bath but hates the hose. After she gets in the dam or on the beach, she does zooms! The zooms are when she gets all crazy and runs laps in circles really fast. 

She is 3 years old and turning 4 very soon. She is a black Labrador and her full name is Pippa Miley. She comes from a litter of 12 but if unfortunately, 2 dogs of the litter died. One died from short of breath and the other just didn’t make it.

By  The Gym-queen