Solly is the Best Pet Ever

Solly is my favourite pet. Solly is 8. He is a boy dog and is basically my brother. I love Solly and Solly loves me. 

What’s funny is that we actually got Solly because I was terrified of dogs but within 5 minutes of being with him we became best friends for life (well until he dies!). 

I have another dog called Meeka but she is not my favourite pet, sadly. Once Solly bit Meeka because Meeka bit me. Once Solly had a go at a dog because he jumped on me.

I love running with Solly because he has a lot of energy. I also love when Solly jumps on my bed and we sleep together. But he is getting older and bigger and he takes up all of the blankets and the bed gets very uncomfortable, but I still love it. Solly is the best dog in the entire world. No offence to others with amazing dogs.

By S. Queen