Why Banjo is Absolutely the Best Dog in the World!

This is Banjo. Banjo is a kelpie cross huntaway dog and is turning 15 this December. She is a very kind dog, the kindest I know! She’s never bitten anyone and she has been there for me since I was born. My parents got her the moment she came into this world and we’ve had her ever since. Banjo truly is one of the best pets.

By Jeremy R.

Ellie is banjo’s companion. This is Ellie. Ellie is a corgi cross border collie and is a very fast runner. She is also very funny and would make a good actor. She loves to stare at the chickens and goats and has quite short legs. Ellie is 6 years old and has her birthday in July. She loves playing with rope toys and playing tug-of-war when she can.

Banjo and Ellie are like two peas in a pod!

This is disco flap flap. Disco got her name because she is always flapping about. No one can remember how old she is but I don’t think she’s too old. She is a bantam chicken which is a type of very small chicken. When she runs she looks like she’s hovering because her legs are so tiny! Disco flap flap really is very cute.

Disco is disco flap flap’s sister. This is disco. Disco is very much like Disco Flap Flap. She is a bantam, and although she’s white, has the same silky, soft feathers like Disco Flap Flap does. She also looks like she’s hovering when she runs and enjoys cuddling up with her sister on cold days.

This is Jeremy. Jeremy is three years old even though most fish live for only two years. Jeremy is a fighting fish and doesn’t like to share his bowL with any other fish. No other fighting fish like sharing their bowl with other fish either. Fighting fish is actually a species of fish, not just a type of fish that can do karate. Jeremy will often come up to me when I look in his bowl and I love to watch him swim around. Jeremy is a very amazing fish.

Ruby is a 1 and a 1/2 year old goat. She loves eating leaves off our willow trees and hanging out with the chickens. She is normally in a funny, happy mood and when there’s food she’s never far away. She is only a kid but she has developed horns. She loves cuddles with me and I usually go down to see her in the paddock. I love petting her. Ruby is so cute!

Willow is Ruby’s twin sister. She is the same age. This is willow. Willow loves hanging out with Ruby. They are different colours but are still sisters, twins. Willow likes eating the leaves off the willow tree as well and is very greedy, unlike her twin, Ruby, who is quite picky. But Ruby is still cute. Willow is so greedy that she even tried to eat a balloon once!

Ruby and willow love chewing on your knees, fingers, clothes and ankles. It doesn’t hurt though! It just feels rubbery.