Why Henry is the Absolute Best Pet Ever!

Henry is 15 years old. His favourite things to do are sleeping, eating and …very rarely…playing. I try to make him do tricks with a treat but he is always just too tired.

Rosie is my Guinea pig. She is very fat. I have no clue how old she is but in my opinion she is about 12 years old and I also have no idea what that would be in guinea pig's life. All I know is that she is very, very cute. I have 1 other guinea pig and her name is lavender. Lavender is about 13 - so older than Rosie!

My brother's guinea pig is Lavender. He named it a few things before he named Lavender.  Lavender is super duper cute. She has white all over her face but then  has a white stripe on her rib. I love Rosie and Lavender because they are cute, cuddly and a bit greedy.