Why Teddy Is The Absolute Best Cat Of All Time

This picture here is of my beloved cat Teddy. His characteristics are mysterious, talented and always full with energy.

Firstly, he gets ever so upset when my mum goes outside. He has separation anxiety and gets upset and sometimes he even meows. It is very cute and adorable! 

Secondly, he is also always full of energy. There is never a time when he doesn’t have energy.

We adopted Teddy when he was only 10 weeks old. Sadly, it was due to his mum who couldn’t take care of him. Teddy’s mum is a wild cat so she didn’t know how to take good care of little Teddy, so he went to a foster family. This family didn’t have the right space for Teddy, so our family adopted Bugs my rabbit, and Teddy! 

We also don’t know the breed of Teddy. It’s quite a mystery!

Milly is our other cat, she is 10 years old in September. She was definitely not happy with Teddy’s arrival. We’ve had Milly since I was 2 years old. Milly is a tortoise shell and is white, black and brown.

Altogether, I think everyone has to agree that Teddy is the best cat in the world!

Kind regards, Arwyin. B

These are some of my other best pets:

Bugs the bunny rabit!