23 Aug

Ruth.   By S. Queen

There once was a lady named Naomi. Naomi lived with her two daughters in law, Ruth and Orpah. All of the men in their family died. Because of that, they were all very poor and Naomi had become a mother to her.

Naomi’s old husband had a relative that let people take his unused grain. So Naomi told Ruth that she could go and take some grain, so she did. The owner of the little farm was called Boaz.

When Boaz saw that Ruth was taking his grain, he instantly fell in love. Boaz was very kind to Ruth and so Ruth fell in love too.

After a while, Naomi told Ruth to tell Boaz that he has her consent to marry Ruth. So Ruth did exactly what Naomi told her. In no time at all, Boaz and Ruth got married.Then God blessed Ruth with a baby boy. 

I think that this story is a great example that even when you think God has forgotten you, he will bless you with something great.

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