23 Aug

Bringing the House Down By D. E. Lightful

The Philistines carry out their threat to blind Sampson so he can no longer see. Then they chain him up to a grindstone and make him grind grain in the dramatic prison of Gaza. But his hair is untouched by his captors and his hair slowly but surely begins to grow… Inside of Samson’s head he asks God for forgiveness and another chance to free his people.

Outside the prison walls, the Philistines prepare a festival to their god, dagon. During the feast, two people wonder what they should do to please the crowd.

They two men decide they should bring Samson out of his cell so everyone can laugh and make fun of him. Now that Samson’s hair had grown back, he was given strength from God.

Samson stood between two pillars, put his hands against both of them, and pushed as hard as he could and eventually knocked them down. The whole building collapsed to the ground and all of the Philistines were squashed.

I Think… By Pippa P

I think that this is an amazing story and it helps me to understand that God can give me strength whenever we ask him, even if it is a REALLY sticky situation. God loves us very much and will do anything for us.

I Think… By Arwyn B

I think God wanted to show you that can have great strength, but a weak character. You can also be physically helpless, but noble and faithful. This story shows that God forgives sinners like Samson. God doesn’t just forget about us because we did something wrong! Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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