19 Sep

On April 4th 1975, there was a Vietnam war. Lots of children were sick or injured and close to death. The American plane crashed and it created confusion and they needed help very quickly.

They prepared to leave and 15 agonising minutes passed. Lots of babies may have died but the Australian plane took off and soon after it landed. 250 babies went to Australia and 3000 were saved altogether. 250 babies were adopted in Australia. All graduated and now have kids of their own. 

I think it would have been very scary and worrying when flying over the battle field and you would have had to trust God.

I wonder what the pilot would have felt? This just shows how much hope and wonder God can show.  

God shows so much kindness and if you pray, anything can happen. God is with you and he will never leave you. No matter how far you run, God is with you.

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