03 Nov

Faith is believing in the Lord but all the devil can do is make it seem that he can do the same as God. One day, Peter and the other deciples went in a boat to go fishing. As they threw out the net, a huge storm occurred. 

All the men were panicking but then Peter saw God in the distance walking on water towards the boat. It was a miracle! Peter then said, “If I am to believe, then God will call me out of the boat.”

And God did call him. Peter was walking on water but he doubted the Lord and started to sink! “Peter, why do you have such little faith,” says God…

Peter shouts, "Help me Lord.” Jesus reaches out his hand and helps Pete.

Our Lord heals the sick, helps the blind see and gives the disabled the power to walk! The Lord is so great He never makes mistakes and forgives people although they have sinned against Him. We all have the choice to either follow God or disobey Him and sin against Him for money or badness.

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