19 Sep

It was 1942 in the second World War. The Japanese aircraft were invading Darwin, Australia and the Pacific. At night, the Australian scientists could see the enemy planes through the clouds.

Men tried to figure out how to find the enemy but it didn’t work. Most men believed that women should stay at home but Ruby Payne Scott came to the rescue. 

Ruby is prepared for success and believes she can succeed where men have failed. Only two women scientists have been employed by the Australian Government and Ruby is one of them. 

Ruby looks on her radar. Very basic radar has helped the British win so far so Ruby is determined.

Her team tests their radar. They simulate a bombing raid. Ruby’s radar is inaccurate. Something gets close but disappears. The team has fuzzy reception. 

The team works relentlessly until they make something they think will work. It does and a plane is spotted 6 miles away and more planes are closer. But Ruby is able to locate them so now Australia will be saved! 

But is is too late for Darwin as their radar hasn’t been built. It was February 19th 1942 when over 70 Aussies die because of bombs.

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