19 Sep

It was World War 2 and many scientists were trying to figure out a way to see when the Japanese were coming to try to stop them. This was very difficult for them as the last war almost knocked them out.

Many scientists tried to make a device that could detect the Japanese army and stop them before they bomb and take over Australia. All of these scientists fail to make it, but all of them are male.

This was a very hard task, mainly because most women were overlooked. This is because the females were expected to stay at home, do the house work and look after children. But Ruby Payne Scott had a vision and was determined to stick to it. 

Then Ruby Payne Scott steps forward to make it and as she does. Many others that have been overlooked step forward as well.She already has an idea on how to make it so she tries. But as she tries, she fails to succeed because in the device, whales, ships, birds and armies trying to take them over all look the same.

They only had a little time and so much to do that the men started to give up. She tried it over and over again until they thought it might just work. If it worked, women all around the world would be able to go up in leadership roles.

Then they started to see planes coming towards them on Ruby’s device. But luckily, it worked and their signal didn’t get interrupted.

Australia would finally be safe but Darwin not so much. They failed to build the radar in time so the Japanese army dropped over 200 bombs. I think this is super sad because so many lives were killed in the process.So that is the story of Ruby Payne Scott and how, because of her, many women all around the world are amazing scientists.

Thank you God for helping Ruby Payne Scott.

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