14 Nov

If you look at creation and say that it was a mistake then look at the birds, lions, fish, bugs and cats. How could you say there is no God? There is no excuse.

Everyone know that a building can’t build itself. A song can’t write itself and this world can’t make itself! It needs a creator!

If you look at nature, you are looking at God’s creation! A dragonfly is God’s creation and it can fly upside down, hover in one place and fly 50 km per hour. Their vision is 360 degrees so they can see all around them and also eat mosquitos, so they keep the population down.

Peacocks are an example. Can something so beautiful be an accident? Scientists try to copy God’s creation like a dragonfly. Dragonflies only actually live for six months. They are so cleverly made. Evolution is trying to say that it was not God. But man can’t make anything close to God’s creation!

A bulls eye can’t get hit without an archer and a song can’t write itself. Farm land can’t look after itself and harvest itself. Just the same, the world can’t make itself. You can’t deny God’s existence!

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